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The 'Matter of Batter' comes from the persistence to make not just the most scrumptious desserts and cakes, but also to provide an entirely new, fulfilling experience for our sweet toothed customers.


From pancakes and brownies loaded with delectable goodies, to classic breakfast fare with heavenly French twists: every meal is crafted with our desire to create the perfect combinations of flavours and spread the special kind of joy that only good food can bring.


We customize cakes to such perfection that even our customers are delightfully surprised with the detail, thought and beauty of the result. And that delight and wonder is exactly what keeps us going.


Our goal is to strike a chord in one's soul with just the first bite. When we see that satisfied smile on our client's face as they indulge in goodness, we know we have done our job well.


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Call us : 040 4002 0184

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